I am a full-stack engineer looking for a position that allows me to funnel my passion for mobile and web technologies into valuable contributions to real world applications.

MS Works

The MS Works mobile app brings the features from WINGS, a web application built for the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES), natively to the Android and iOS platforms. I created the Android version from the ground up, and later managed one of our entry level workers in development of version 2.0. In addition, I lead development on the supporting Spring backend. Recently, I have begun to assist in maintenance of the iOS Objective-C version.

Project: medicine

This currently unnamed side-project was started for a local health clinic to help their nurses manage room status across their office computers as well as the doctor's iOS smartwatch. The application uses Firebase to synchronize data across web, Android, and iOS platforms. Tied into the Node.js backend are a set of Phillips Hue light bulbs that can physically show a room's status as it changes in the system. The frontend is built using AngularJS, with Bower and Gulp to facilitate dependency management and frontend build flow.


The Country Record Management System (CRMS) was my first full-time project after graduation. Built using Spring, MySQL, jQuery, and Lucene, it was commisioned by the Three Rivers Planning and Development District (TRPDD) for ten counties' courts in North Mississippi. I helped push CRMS to version 1.0 and subsequently assisted in deployment to the courts.


StarsGL was a personal experiment to build a web-based 4X game using three.js for WebGL graphics, jQuery as a frontend UI, and Groovy on Grails as a backend.

HAL 9000 vs GLaDOS

This Android game was a group project for my graduate level Video Game Design class. The goal of the game is to help GLaDOS escape in time by reprogramming the maze.